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Elmhurst Gypsum Floors Inc

Elmhurst Gypsum Floors has been a licensed installer of FIRM FILL® Gypsum concrete since 1992. In that time EGF has installed FIRM FILL® Gypsum concrete floor underlayments in residential and commercial properties across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.

Elmhurst Gypsum Floors Inc is a quality installer of a wide variety of sound control products. EGF works closely with architects, designers and owners to ensure that the proper combinations of products are used to achieve the desired STC and IIC sound ratings.

Hacker Industries trained the Elmhurst Gypsum Floors team in the proper installation and finishing of FIRM FILL® Gypsum concrete at their Newport Beach, California facility. This training enables EGF to meet the most aggressive schedule and keep the job moving forward on time and on budget.

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